This App helps you manage your childrens’ pocket money.

Goodbye forgetfullness, needing loose change or doing complicated calculations.

How does it work?

Your children’s’ piggy banks are in the application. You will no longer require cash. When you would normally give them a banknote, here you can keep it yourself and add its value to their piggy bank.

When your child wants to make a purchase, you’ll pay and then debit it from their piggy bank.

So you’ll become the banker and each piggy bank is an account in your own bank, it’s an astonishing experience, you’ll see!


Here is what you will gain with the Piggy Banks App:

“Sonny, I have no cash to give you for your pocket money. I’ll give it to you later.”

And later on Dad has forgotten… but not Sonny…

With Piggy Banks, there’s no need for loose change, you can just add the amount. Sonny is pleased and everyone is happy.


“Oh no what have you done with your banknote?”

“I don’t know mummy, I took it from my money box but it’s not in my pocket anymore.”

With Piggy Banks, no more losing any money and everyone can relax.


“Thank you for the money granny…”

The banknote goes into dad’s pocket but never actually into the child’s money box. With Piggy Banks, kids really do get their pocket money and then they can buy what they’ve been hoping for.


Pretty great eh?

We are offering you the first Piggy Bank account for free.

After that we’ll ask if you fancy adding another one.


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